About Me

Hi there, my name is Jim Payne, I am a freelance photographer with 20 years’ experience, based in Fife, covering all aspects from events and sport to news and property.

Whether it’s a treasured memory or a milestone moment, every image ever taken has a story behind it.

The importance of photography is undisputed.

Your desk at work may have a framed picture of your children’s adoring faces resting upon it; that photo you keep in your wallet of your partner can make every purchase sweeter, and that canvas hanging above the living room fireplace really was an amazing day, wasn’t it?

I’ve had the pleasure of capturing special moments that would have otherwise gone undocumented in my many years behind the lens.

If you’ll let me, I’d love to capture your next one.

Contact me at Jim Payne Photos, covering East Central Scotland.

My photography services include:

  • Family photography
  • Sports photography
  • Events photography
  • Press photography
  • Corporate photography

Photography FAQ

How long does a photoshoot take?
It can take up to an hour to finish a photoshoot, this includes a discussion with the client about what type of images you would like, location set up and finish with a variety of images that the client can choose from.

Family photos, portraits and baby pictures

Capturing that special moment, a smile, a memory in the form of a high quality photograph is one of the most rewarding activities I can think of, not only for the customer or subject(s) of the portrait or family photo, but also for myself.
The satisfaction after a job well done endures for a long, long time.

For you, it means having a picture that will take pride of place on your living room wall celebrating a person or several members of your family. A piece of art can also make the finest of gifts, creating a “just what I’ve always wanted” moment, or a genuine “I’ll treasure it for ever” response from your nearest and dearest.

Contact Jim Payne Photos in Dunfermline today, to arrange a family photo shoot.

A range of genres

Sports and events

Do you need reliable and professional photography services to capture that all-important sporting match, or wedding or birthday event?

I have many years of experience in sports and event photography, so you can rely on me to capture those crucial images at the right time and in the right way, to provide you with a lasting memory for life.

Corporate photography

Corporate photography is the art of successfully portraying a product, brand, services, or a business. To successfully market your product, it is essential to have the right effect on any viewer, and to be able to share the aims and culture of an organisation with customers. I have the photographic skills to enable this to be done effectively.

Founded in 2000, Jim Payne Photos in Dunfermline is the company to call for photography that will leave you 100% satisfied.

Press photography

Press photography is another speciality of mine. Creating the right image to highlight a theme, capture the essence or a story, and to attract viewers and readers of media articles takes a keen eye, often quick reactions, and also the right sort of preparation.

Knowing what to look for is a definite skill, and capturing it as an image is my talent.

Are you looking for a photographer who specialises in family photography? Please contact Jim Payne Photos on

07764 767 368